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Jute High Tech SolutionsEntrepreneurship & InnovationThe Golden Fiber of Jute

Jute High Tech Solutions

Jutefibers as a reinforcement and a filler in high tech composites.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Jute is the most sustainable fiber in the world - Economical, Ecological and Social.

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The Golden Fiber of Jute

The most sustainable material in the World!

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Juteborg AB will create a more sustainable world by reinventing the Golden Fiber of Jute!

Jute Rocks!
Jute Design Systems and Solutions


We transform the Automotive Industry, to be much more sustainable by replacing carbon fiber and glass fiber with jute reinforcements composites. We offer: Inspiring Innovation Design seminars and workshops e.g: Why Jute? Hållbart på riktigt! New application areas Social Business JutePP – jute granules Jute Textile Reinforcment Jute Non Woven Gallery:


We transform the Construction industry and make it much more sustainable by replacing e.g by jute Composites and jute fiber reinforced Concrete.

Textile, Home & Office

We transform the textile industry by replacing not sustainable fabrics with sustainable jute fabrics and jute designed home decoration and furnitures. Due to our deep co-operation with our partners in Bangladesh, we can guarentee that the working conditions both meet and exceed the legal requirements. We offer: Innovation design Home & office decorations Working clothes JutePP – jute […]


We transform the packaging industry by replacing wood pulp by pure jute or partly jute packaging and wrapping materials.